Coordination and Support Action –
for better multi-actor project proposals

Our Work

Working in partnership to develop tools, trainings and various materials for multi-actor proposal writing

Expected output

PREMIERE will foster the effective preparation of successful multi-actor proposals for Horizon Europe and beyond by developing a suite of support activities and easy-to-use materials:

  • Organisation of brokerage events for forthcoming Horizon Europe calls for multi-actor projects
  • Pilot seed funding for project proposal development, including specific to engage EIP-AGRI Operational Groups in Horizon Europe
  • Celebration of successful new multi-actor projects at Granting Parties
  • Multi-actor training through a multi-actor simulation game, an online Serious Game, an Online Academy, and a MOOCas well as offline training-for-trainers
  • Divers output such as online videos, creative videos, How-to-Guides etc.
  • Recommendations and briefings for the European Commission, their services and external evaluators to help to ensure the implementation of the multi-actor approach in new project proposals.

PREMIERE’s work plan

The work of this so-called Coordination and Support Action, funded by Horizon Europe, began in January 2023 and will continue until December 2027 (5 years). Our PREMIERE partners collaborate in a highly interactive work programme that consists of six workpackages (WPs):

PREMIERE is one of several EU projects, which provide support for co-innovation processes across Europe. It has a core role to play but it is only one part in the jigsaw of the European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS).

  • WP1 ‘Connect’ ensures constant dialogue between the PREMIERE consortium and the actors in the AKIS.
  • WP2 ‘Governance’ works with policymakers and executive agencies at all levels (including National Contact Points for the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme) to strengthen the enabling environment for co-innovation.
  • WP3 ‘Projects’ supports current and prospective partners of MA consortia, which are aiming to implement the MAA.
  • WP4 ‘Tools’ catalogues and develops tools, including a Serious Game, to enable learning and capacity development
  • WP5 ‘Skills’ delivers training, learning techniques and hands-on practical experience in the marketplace and brokerage for co-innovation.
  • WP6 aims to ensure the project’s successful and efficient implementation by coordinating all activities and processes.

Macro-Regional Multi-actor Advisory Panels – the PREMIERE 100+ Club

PREMIERE aims to be a true multi-actor project and is committed to the principles and practice of stakeholder dialogue “all along the project”. We will, therefore soon begin consulting and exchanging with four so-called ‘macro-regional multi-actor advisory panels’ within the framework of our innovative PREMIERE 100+ Club. This will bring together newcomers and more experienced stakeholders from regions of Europe with similar conditions – all with a significant interest in Horizon Europe multi-actor projects!

The PREMIERE 100+ Club will provide a facilitated platform offering opportunities for communication, learning, and networking for participation in multi-actor project proposals for years to come. It will provide a unique opportunity for getting first-hand information on upcoming calls, and new ideas on how to address their multi-actor requirements. Furthermore, the PREMIERE advisory panels will dig deeper into the specificities of implementing the multi-actor approach in the agricultural, forestry, and wider rural context of each macro-region. This will help participants to address context-specific needs as required in multi-actor project proposals, as well providing many valuable insights for the PREMIERE project to work with.

Contact us to learn more about the PREMIERE 100+ Club.

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