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Multi-actor co-creation means integrating partners with different competencies right from the beginning

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Multi-actor co-creation means integrating partners with different competencies right from the beginning until the end of the project and beyond. PREMIERE is a multi-actor project that is bringing together a diverse community of actors from 15 organisations, located in 13 EU Member States. They represent innovation projects, education and science, innovation support services, rural networks, and other organisations in charge of the implementation of the multi-actor approach. These various actors contribute with a broad range of knowledge and expertise in different fields of action.

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Related projects and networks

PREMIERE is one of a growing ‘family’ of Horizon Europe multi-actor projects that aim to strengthen the systems and processes associated with the generation, sharing and practical use of agriculture and forestry-related knowledge at European, national, regional and local level.

The ‘family’ of Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects related to LIAISON are listed below:

Name / LinkDescription
ATTRACTIS – AcTivate and TRigger ACTors to deepen the function of Innovation Support Services

ATTRACTISS supports the establishment and the work of Innovation Support Service (ISS) providers in EU Member States. The aim is to improve competencies and the use of tools and governance models because ISS aim to support the development of new ideas and accelerate innovative solutions in the daily work of farmers and foresters, and associated rural business.
Care4Bio – Network of National Contact Points for Cluster 6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment
CARE4BIO is the official Network of the Horizon Europe ‘Cluster 6’ (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment) National Contact Points (NCPs). Each EU Member State has such a NCP, which provides guidance for researchers and other types of project proposal writers in their quest for securing EU funding in cluster 6.
EU4adviceEU4Advice aims to contribute to ensure effective capacity building of short food supply chains (SFSC) actors through fluent knowledge transfer. Driven by the interactive innovation model, EU4Advice aims to boost the role of advisors as catalysers of the knowledge flow from research to practice. The creation of an EU network of advisors will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise. The activities help to ensure an effective work of SFSC advisors, which are key actors in national Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS).
EU-FarmBookEU-FarmBook is developing an online platform for gathering and sharing practice-oriented material produced by multi-actor farming and forestry projects, which receive EU funding. It also provides guidance on how to produce such material and by doing so contribute to strengthening EU and national AKIS.
FarmdemoFarmDemo is an online platform developed by several EU-funded projects. It shows an EU-wide inventory of demonstration farms, and a tool kit with online tools, rich stories and video tutorials to improve on-farm demonstrations.
FLIARA – Female-Led Innovation in Agriculture and Rural Areas
The FLIARA project aims to create a European wide rural innovation ecosystem, which supports women-led innovative practices in farming and rural areas. FLIARA is closely linked to the projects GrassCeiling and SWIFT.
I2Connect – Connecting advisors to boost interactive innovation in agriculture & forestry
I2connect works with existing farm advisory networks and aims to build the skills of those advisors who will support and facilitate interactive innovation processes in response to the multiple challenges in European agriculture and forestry
modernAKIS – Modernisation of agriculture through more efficient and effective agricultural knowledge and information systems
modernAKIS aims to improve AKIS actors’ capacities to leverage individual, organisational and systemic resources needed for the transformation towards more coherent, effective, and efficient AKIS systems and the transition to a more sustainable management and use of natural resources in farming and forestry.
– Supporting Women-Led Innovations in Farming and Rural Territories (SWIFT)
purpose to advance the position of women and LGBTQI+ persons in farming, and to moreover investigate how agroecological processes can promote gender equality.
SWIFT, FLIARA and GrassCeiling follow similar objectives.

PREMIERE cooperates closely with knowledge and innovation networks for farming, forestry, and rural areas such as:

Name / LinkDescription
SCAR-AKIS – Strategic Working Group of the Standing Committee of Agricultural Research ‘Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems’
SCAR-AKIS is group of experts from across Europe that aims to build an EU-wide knowledge and innovation network focusing specifically on working with and for farmers.
EU CAP Network – Optimising the flow of information about agriculture and rural policy within the EU
The EU CAP Network is a forum through which National CAP Networks, organisations, administrations, researchers, entrepreneurs and practitioners can share knowledge and information (e.g. via peer-to-peer learning and good practices) about agriculture and rural policy.
The European Commission set up the EU CAP Network and its three
The National Contact Points (NCPs) and the EU NCP Portal
The National Contact Points are support structures established by Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) and recognized by the European Commission (EC) to help participants to access the different EU Programme opportunities such as the Horizon Europe Cluster 6 calls.
The EU NCP Portal provides access to the vast knowledge, support tools and services that NCP networks develop to support the wide participation in Horizon Europe.

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